Leaving diet culture is a PROCESS! And for some folks, it may involve rebelling against diet culture for a while. This can look differently for all of us, but today I want to talk about rebellious eating and what you can do if this is something that you find yourself doing!


FYI: rebellious eating is NOT a bad thing and it is NORMAL. 


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On this week's podcast, I am really excited to have Julie Burnett, a social worker at The Balanced Practice to talk about the intersection fo body politics, body advocacy and eating disorder recovery


In this podcast, we dive deeper on the system that contributes to body distrust and issues. We talk about body politics and advocacy * please note that this podcast was recorded before the  Overturn of Roe v. Wade therefore it was not addressed in this episode*


Julie is a awesome human being and therapist. She offers 1:1 services at The Balanced Practice for folk who struggle with disordered eating/eating disorders.


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Are you going on vacation soon? If so this episode is for you!


There's so much BS advice given when going on vacation that can lead to ++ unnecessary stress. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed. So in this podcast episode, I will walk you through my best tips to have empowered and aligned vacations!


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On this week's podcast, I am really excited to have Katie Haneke, a registered dietitian at The Balanced Practice to talk about intuitive eating, food relationship and food accessibility!

Something we have not yet talked about on the podcast is the privilege that healing our relationship to food is. Access to food and proper health care is a HUGE thing we need to address when thinking about dismantling diet culture.

Katie is an amazing human and dietitian. She offers 1:1 services at The Balanced Practice for folk who struggle with disordered eating/eating disorders.

We hope you enjoy this episode!!!

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Wedding planning brings up SOOOO much stuff. From body image to beauty standards and buffet of foods, here is my personal view on wedding planning and things I have done to have a better and more intentional wedding day!


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Are you an unapologetic eater? Alissa Rumsey is on the podcast today to talk to us about becoming unapologetic and self compassionate eaters. 

Alissa Rumsey, is a registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, certified intuitive eating counselor, and the author of Unapologetic Eating: Make Peace With Food and Transform Your Life. Her expertise has been featured in hundreds of media outlets and she speaks regularly at events, online trainings, and conferences around the country. She calls New York City home and spends her free time exploring the city’s food scene and searching for patches of green space to sunbathe in. To learn more
about Alissa’s work, please visit www.alissarumsey.com


In this episode, we talk about becoming empowered with food, the role of self compassion, people pleasing tendencies and much more! This is one you don't want to miss!


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In this episode, we talk about fitness trackers! If you follow me on IG you have probably seen me wear my apple watch pretty much daily! Many follower have asked: 1- why do I wear one? 2- How to use it without being triggered? 3- are they necessary?


If you are curious about fitness trackers- you won't want to miss this!


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Have you ever wondered if athletes can also be intuitive eaters? Like if you have fitness goals should you follow a plan or can you still be intuitive?
In this episode, I had the pleasure of connecting  with Suzanne Smith, a board certified specialist in sports dietetics and certified intuitive eating counsellor,  to talk about the nuances of intuitive eating in sports!
In this episode we talk about macro counting, protein intake, sport performance and red flags!
I hope you enjoy this episode!
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🥳THIS IS EPISODE 100!!!!🥳  

So exciting to be celebrating 100 amazing conversations with you! Thank you so much for being here with me every week! I am beyond grateful for this podcast community!


Here are some questions that I answer today:

* Why did I start my business?

*When did I stop caring about weight loss and how?

*How long have I been in my relationship?

* Tips to start a private practice?

* What are your future goals?

* What does balance mean to me!


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In this podcast episode, we talk about binge eating and self trust with Renae Saager, a certified health & life coach and emotional eating expert!


Renae teaches go-getter women around the world how to start living a powerful, authentic life free from food and weight obsession. Tapping into her own unique journey with disordered eating and alcoholism, Renae connects with her clients on a deeper level, supporting them through the process of rewiring their brain with her no-BS approach.


In this episode, we talk about the connection between self trust and binge eating. We explore binge eating as a symptom of diet culture instead of the problem it self. And Renae gives actionable tips to develop self trust.


Connect with Renae via her website: https://www.renaesaager.com/


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